Youth advocacy and consulting

Impakt X pushes for independent representation of global youths at national regional and international levels. We are a strong network of young intellectuals across a plethora of disciplines such as Economics, Politics and International Relations, International Development, among others. We offer a range of advice and support to ensure youth inclusion in decision-making processes.

We promote diversity via the designing of programmes that are specifically tailored to cultural needs and that are sensitive to cultural nuances. By focusing on our seven (7) priorities, we ensure that everyone is represented regardless of their physical and or mental limitations.

We aim to set up Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) club in colleges and universities in our region(s) of focus.

Community-based approach

By taking a community-based approach to sustainable development, our consulting and policy strategy will provide local governments and civil society with robust and accurate policy advice to boost performance through a bottom-up approach to community and country development.

We pride ourselves in ensuring that the policy advice first developed by the organisation will then be passed to young people in our target countries for strategic designs.

Leadership Incubator

Impakt X realises that we need to be one of the industry leaders in ensuring that young people are equipped with the necessary skills and tools to become effective leaders in their community, thus maximising impact.

We have designed a leadership incubator that will run over a two-week period. Individuals enrolled in the incubator will undergo rigorous training on the essentials of leadership, compromise, negotiation and other important aspects of youth empowerment. The programme will be university-accredited and industry recognised.

Independent Global Youth Think Tank
Impakt X Global youth think tank is a powerful voice in the field of youth empowerment. Its areas of focus include climate change, gender equality, Foreign Direct Investments, weapons’ race, quality education and poverty reduction.