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Maxton R Scotland – Founder & Director

More about Maxton R Scotland

Maxton is a proud UK Armed Forces Veteran where he served most notably, as a Linguist. He was also nominated for the most senior youth position at the United Nations – Secretary General Envoy on Youth.

From his early years, Mr. Scotland has been a champion for youth development and became a respected leader in his local community, as president of his constituency’s youth arm and youth club. As a High School teacher in the Caribbean, he promoted innovation and critical thinking in the classroom. He strongly believes that his experience in the Military, corporate, youth and civil society sector(s), instilled within him a greater appreciation of both differences and commonalities, in addition to the challenges presented by promoting a culture of peace and mutual understanding.

Maxton is a renowned international speaker and has traveled the world over addressing diverse crowds on youth-related challenges, the Sustainable Development Goals, Model UN and encouraging young people to come to the decision-making table.

Maxton Scotland holds a Master’s degree in Security from the London Metropolitan University. He also pursued studies at the University of the West Indies, the Defence School of Languages, University of London and Westminster University, respectively.

Mr. Scotland is from a cosmopolitan British and Caribbean upbringing (St.Vincent & the Grenadines)

Maxton is renowned for his belief in the de-alienation of and empowerment of young people through intergenerational interaction, at the leadership level. With extensive experience working on the international stage and starting his own initiatives, Maxton believes that one of the pressing challenges facing our generation is – achieving a sustainable society for youths.

Jesus Omar Montoya –  Head of Operations for Latin America.

More about Jesus Omar Montoya

An avid believer in volunteering, Mr Montoya worked with the Red Cross for three (3) years where he was in charge of over three hundred (300) volunteers.

Mr Montoya is a graduate of the University of Guadalajara where he pursued a BSc. in International Business. He also holds a certificate in international Strategies for Sustainable Development from IMC Fachhochschule Krems (Austria), and, has researched the “adaptation of sustainability to the supply chains, understanding the significant role companies play in achieving the sustainable development goals. He renowned for his passion for sustainable development and inclusion of everyone at the decision making table, this led to his passionate plea to the United Nations on the importance of focusing on small island developing states (SIDS) on the issue of sustainability and why their voices matter.

Mr Montoya has leadership experience both at national and international level and has received several commendations from senior leaders. A staunch believer in helping communities through education, Mr Montoya continues to use his expertise and knowledge to educate his community on the UN 2030 agenda and the important role they play in joining the discussion

Riddhi Sen Majumder – Head of South Asia Operations. 

More about Riddhi Sen Majumder

Mr. Riddhi is currently pursuing BA (Honours) in Political Science at Serampore College; he is a voracious reader, with an apodictic proclivity for writing, and profundity of global affairs. Mr. Riddhi is a capable leader and has undertaken several leadership roles pertaining to youth and the UN, in his country and on the international stage. A young innovator, and TEDx speaker, he is renowned for his belief in creating sustainable avenues for young people to address the challenges of leadership in his region.

Mr. Riddhi strongly espouses the necessity of grass root-level implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, through the three Ps – Plan, Prepare, and Project. He firmly believes that his humble background and his struggle would inspire youth in his community to break down the invisible barriers to success.

Maryam Nsaif – Head of Middle East Operations. 

More about Maryam Nsaif

Ms. Nsaif was a recipient of a full scholarship to pursue a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering at the Notre Dame University, Beirut where she graduates in July 2019. She is also highly interested in the importance of STEM and is a strong advocate of women in STEM. Ms Nsaif has been a key driver in promoting youth led activities focusing you the advancement of the youth agenda in her country. She is a huge advocate of the Sustainable Development Goals and the necessity of their implementation to ensure a sustainable future for the youth of today.

Ms Nsaif has significant experience working in middle to large organisations at different leadership levels and is one of the founders of Notre Dame University Model UN initiative. She believes in the power dialogue and providing people with a safe space to have constructive discussions on global and national issues – giving young people a voice.