Mission: We encourage our clients to adopt evidence-based policies through a decentralised model of decision-making. We aim to provide the requisite resources at the right time, utilising an intergenerational approach to maximise our client’s business potential.

Vision: Our vision is to become the world’s leading evidence-based policy and consulting organisation and global youth think tank, thereby raising the performance of our business leaders substantially. We also intend to be a leading industry figure in devising a more structured approach to addressing the crisis of leadership globally.

Key areas of development

Impakt X is made up of intellectuals from around the globe commenting and researching on issues critical to country and regional development.

At the core, we aim to identify key areas of development by providing consulting and policy advice to governments, civil society and youth, especially in developing countries. This will be supported by research in order to take a practical approach to include young people in the decision-making process.

Pluralistic values & inclusive ideas

Impakt X Global Youth Think Tank consists of an intellectual pool of subscribers, members and representatives who will continue to contribute to the development and adoption of policy advice relating but not limited to the 2030 SDG agenda. Although politically restricted, the think tank will proactively seek to address political and economic challenges as they arise.

Being very inclusive, we promote pluralistic values and inclusive ideas. We seek to be the industry first think tank to broker accord in countries where conflicts are prevalent with youth taking the lead.